How to use a .glb model in Unity

  1. Create and download your avatar from
  2. Import your file into Blender - File/Import/gITF 2.0 (.glb/gltf)
  3. Edit your model (remove extra bones in the head, fingers, etc.)
  4. Go to the Texture Paint tab and select “View” in the top left of the Image Editor panel
  5. Select each texture from the drop-down at the top
  6. At the top left, click Image/Save As… (or Shift + Alt + S) and select your destination
  7. Export your model as an FBX - File/Export/FBX (.fbx)
  8. Import your model and textures into Unity
  9. Click the FBX avatar in the Assets window
  10. In the Inspector window, change the Location to “Use External Materials (Legacy)” and apply
  11. If some base textures don’t appear, click on the body part and manually assign the texture to the correct map (Albedo)